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Adam Hansil
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Last seen 09 March 2018, 05:52
36 years old   Charlotte, United States
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Adam Hansil

a man, Leo, looking for a woman aged 25-42
An ideal date:
Why are there no selections for reading or outdoor activities under the interests field?.zzz Anyway an ideal date can be a lot of things however I don't think a good first date is a concert because you can't talk. If you think a Trump rally sounds like a good date please don't contact me, thnx. Cult of Personality is a societal disease.
The best birthday ever:
Dad bought me a fishing rod at the beach but it broke on the first cast! For some reason I wasn't upset, I was at the beach after all . Later I got a cast net as a gift and I like playing without better, uneven still have it though it's full of holes.
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