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Refund Policy

Our Refund Policy prioritizes member satisfaction above all else. Ensuring that every member is fully content with the site's features and functionalities is our primary concern. If any member encounters dissatisfaction with any aspect of the platform, they are encouraged to reach out to our support team at

Should any issues persist despite our efforts to rectify them to the member's satisfaction, commits to taking appropriate action. This may involve adding additional credits to the member's account or providing a refund for the remaining credits.

A full refund will be granted under specific circumstances. These include technical difficulties preventing the member from sending or receiving messages, prolonged unavailability of , or a member's request for a refund before engaging with other members.

Furthermore, the admin team reserves the right to grant full refunds in exceptional cases. Members seeking such refunds are required to provide a detailed explanation for consideration.

It's important to note that partial refunds are not offered for unused credits. Refunds for unused credits will only be considered if the member has not yet initiated messaging or received messages from other members on .