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22 October 2020, 07:05
Photo: mavo / Shutterstock
Do Not Offer Commitment To Your Man Until You Know These 7 Things

No matter how intoxicating you find someone, there are certain things you need to know before you two get super serious. From knowing if he wants kids to how he handles money, don't offer commitment to someone until you know these seven things.

Keywords: commitment, Relationships

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17 October 2020, 07:05
Photo: courtesy of the author
My Girlfriend Dressed Me For A Week And Got Drunk With Power

My girlfriend dressed me for a week and she loved the power it gave her.

Keywords: Dating, fashion, girlfriend, what men think, girlfriend material, dress up

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13 October 2020, 07:05
Photo: Getty
smiling girlfriend hugging her boyfriend

If you want to make your girlfriend smile, check out this list of 30 meaningful ways to make her happy.

Keywords: relationship advice, happy, relationship advice for men, make women smile

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12 October 2020, 07:05
Photo: YAKOBCHUK VIACHESLAV / Shutterstock
If He Doesn't Pass These 5 Tests, He's An Emotional Wreck

As you look for a relationship, there are signs to watch for that indicate your date may be a total emotional wreck.

Keywords: Relationships, stress, emotional health

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12 October 2020, 07:05
Photo: getty
Online Dating Safety: 10 Rules For Using Apps Like Tinder

While meeting potential mates on dating apps is fun, keeping in mind the rules for online dating safety will protect you from danger.

Keywords: Dating, first date, online dating advice, dating safety, online dating safety

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10 October 2020, 07:05
Photo: 4 PM production / Shutterstock
Dating With A Kid: My Son And I Are Simultaneously Dating My Boyfriend

Dating with a kid isn't always easy, so that's why my son and I are both dating my boyfriend.

Keywords: boyfriend, children, Dating, dating after divorce, mom, single, single mom, single parent, son

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08 October 2020, 07:05
Photo: Efetova Anna / shutterstock
How To Find Your Soulmate Using The Law Of Attraction

Learn how to find your soulmate with the Law of Attraction, ultimately making your dreams come true.

Keywords: attraction, law of attraction, soulmate, true love, soulmates, finding love, how to find love

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08 October 2020, 07:05
Photo: Getty
female pubic hair

Do men care about how female pubic hair looks, or how it's groomed? Whether it's waxed, shaved, or grown out to a "full bush", 9 men reveal their thoughts about hair "down there".

Keywords: brazilian wax, grooming, hair, pubic hair, shaving, wax, what men find attractive, sex, what men think, what men like, hair removal, how to be sexy, what men find sexy, pubes, what men love about women, waxing advice, Brazilian wax advice, pubic, full bush, full bush brazilian, what men like during sex, what turns men on, what turns guys on, laser hair removal

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07 October 2020, 07:05
Photo: NDAB Creativity / Shutterstock
The MOST Important Way To Know A Man Enjoys Dating You

Does he like me? If the man you're dating isn't putting in effort to see you, chances are, he's not into you.

Keywords: Dating, dating advice, dating advice for women

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06 October 2020, 07:05
Photo: ALPA PROD / Shutterstock
My First Time Online Dating Using Tinder Was A Total Fail

What was it about the social networking and dating app Tinder that made this first-timer delete it after 24 hours?

Keywords: casual sex, Dating, online dating, tinder

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