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19 April 2019, 08:00
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5 Things You Shouldn't Reject A Guy Over

Many women who look for love understand how to deal with rejection. But sometimes, they confuse their fear of rejection with dating advice that says to have deal-breakers. In some cases, you may have a really good guy, so don't reject him over silly things.

Keywords: Dating, dating advice, rejection, finding love

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16 April 2019, 08:00
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4 Ways To Make Sure Your Body Is Speaking His Language

Learning how to get a guy to like you is all about reading body language. Your movements and gestures can trigger and attraction in a man, but there are certain do's and don'ts you need to follow to make a good first impression.

Keywords: attraction, body language, Dating, dating advice, how to get a guy to like you

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15 April 2019, 08:00
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Why Am I Still Single? How To Improve Low Self-Esteem In Dating

Why am I still single? When you feel bad about your currently relationship status, it can make dating even more difficult, which is why taking these 5 steps will help you learn how to improve low self-esteem that's negatively impacting your love life.

Keywords: being single, Dating, dating advice, looking for love, relationship advice, relationship status, Relationships, self-esteem, single, why am i single, low self esteem, self esteem, self-esteem and relationship, building self esteem, low self-esteem, why am i still single

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12 April 2019, 08:00
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Dating Advice & Tips For Men Based On The Personality Traits Of Italian Women

Italian women are smart and beautiful, but that's not all there is to know about their dominant personality traits, so before you fall in love with one, here are 5 key pieces of dating advice and tips for men about relationships with an Italian woman.

Keywords: Dating, dating advice, dating tips, family, italian women, love, personality, Relationships, women, dating advice for men, dating tips for men, personality traits

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