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13 April 2017, 08:00
Photo: Unsplash Do you have a crush on a girlfriend? Or are you a lesbian who always ends up the friend zone? THIS is how you make the move from friend to lover. Keywords: dating tips, lesbian, lgbt, first date advice, dating advce, lesbian dating, lesbian couples, friend zoneread more
12 April 2017, 08:00
Photo: weheartit Contrary to what society tells you, nice guys don't finish last. And if you're a nice guy, here's how to attract a woman and get a girlfriend. Keywords: attraction, Dating, men, nice guys, how to get a girlfriendread more
07 April 2017, 08:00
Photo: WeHeartIt Men and women approach relationships differently, so it can be hard to tell how he feels. If he's truly ready for commitment, here's what he'll do. Keywords: commitment, Relationshipsread more
07 April 2017, 08:00
Photo: weheartit Do you use sex as currency when you’re dating? This is what one man thinks about women who use their vaginas to attract (and keep) men. Keywords: Dating, vaginaread more
06 April 2017, 08:00
Photo: weheartit Every woman wants to feel sexy but might not know how. If you really want to feel like a sexy women, here are 9 mantras to repeat to yourself daily. Keywords: attraction, Sexy, women, sexy women, how to be sexyread more
05 April 2017, 08:00
Photo: weheartit If you've met a guy you like, you're probably eager to flirt and text him. But here are 6 texts to never send... unless you don't want to hear from him again. Keywords: flirting, single, texting, texting etiquetteread more
05 April 2017, 08:00
Photo: weheartit Women sometimes think they can change the men they like. But here are 4 types of men you will NEVER be able to change, no matter how hard you try. Keywords: commitment, Dating, men, Relationships, types of menread more
04 April 2017, 08:00
Photo: WeHeartIt Some feminists see chivalry as antiquated, sometimes exist, romantic gestures, but women should be able to expect equality AND chivalry from men. Keywords: chivalry, feminism, men, Romance, romantic gesturesread more
04 April 2017, 08:00
Photo: weheartit Independent women sometimes struggle to find love in their lives because they put themselves first. But here's what might be holding you back. Keywords: confidence, Dating, feminism, independent womenread more
04 April 2017, 08:00
Photo: weheartit When you're dating someone new, you do anything you can to not embarrass yourself. Here's how to avoid that awkward situation completely. Keywords: attraction, Dating, dating advice, men, embarrassmentread more