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08 November 2017, 08:00
Photo: weheartit Looking for new ways to say I love you to him? These 17 cute phrases, like "I love it when you wear that shirt" or "I could listen to you talk all day" will remind him why he’s so lucky to have you. Keywords: Dating, i love you, men, Relationshipsread more
01 November 2017, 08:00
Photo: weheartit For men who are dating a crazy cat lady, she's everything you want. But you need to know that there will be cat hair everywhere, she adores celebrity cats, and if you don't like kitties, consider yourself gone. Keywords: animals, cats, Dating, dating advice, crazy cat ladyread more
28 October 2017, 08:00
Photo: iStock Wondering whether you're going to get a second date with a girl you like can be more stressful than preparing for the first date itself! Here's how to get a girl to like you during (and after!) the first date, so you can see her lovely face again! Keywords: Dating, dating advice, first date, relationship advice, Relationshipsread more
28 October 2017, 08:00
Photo: weheartit It's not always easy recognize the signs you're in love with a narcissist. When you have a selfish person in your life, whether you are divorced, related to one, or share a child with one, there's one thing to remember about how to deal with a narcissist: keep the contact limited. Keywords: heartbreak, narcissism, narcissist, communicationread more
27 October 2017, 08:00
Photo: unsplash You can't help who you like. And if you think you have a crush on a female friend, you might always want to talk to her, be jealous of her boyfriend, or think about her constantly. Keywords: attraction, best friend, crush, Dating, friendshipread more
27 October 2017, 08:00
Photo: weheartit Though some zodiac signs are emotional, Cancers are definitely the most sensitive. But if you find yourself loving a Cancer woman, know that she can be moody but will sacrifice anything to make you happy. Keywords: astrology, cancer, Relationships, zodiac, astrological sign, zodiac signsread more
26 October 2017, 08:00
Photo: weheartit Loving a Sagittarius woman isn't easy, but it's worth it. Be prepared to love a free spirit, someone blunt, and someone who is naturally flirty. She's the whole package. Keywords: astrology, Relationships, zodiac, horoscope, sagittarius, zodiac signs, sagittarius womenread more
25 October 2017, 08:00
Photo: weheartit Whether you're a natural flirt or someone who is shy about showing affection, astrology can reveal how each zodiac sign flirts. Who knows? Maybe your horoscope can teach you to be more charismatic and attract mates. Keywords: astrology, cancer, flirting, how to flirt, zodiac, horoscope, Pisces, aquarius, Gemini, aries, taurus, leo, virgo, libra, scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn, astrological sign, zodiac signsread more
20 October 2017, 08:00
Click to view (2 images) Photo: weheartit Believe it or not, your dating profile may be keeping you single. Men were asked all about the dating mistakes women make, so be sure to check your spelling, cool it with the negativity, and don't post revealing photos. Keywords: Dating, dating profile, online dating, singleread more
20 October 2017, 08:00
Photo: weheartit Everyone wants to be in love! But are you ready for a relationship... really? Here are 8 red flag warnings you are NOT ready to find the one, and how to get yourself ready for the kid of love that lasts. Keywords: relationship advice, Relationshipsread more